Coding Manager - Hospital - Merrimack - NH

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Coding Manager - NH
Job Details: Coding Manager is a Full Time Permenant Position Oncall and Weekend requirements of Coding Manager to be discussed during interview process. Responsible for the daily management of the coding department, with primary focus on hospital-based coding. Responsibilities also include collaboration with other departments of the Hospital to assure development, promotion, and maintenance of quality programs and services.Facility:
Hospital has national accreditation from DNV Healthcare, the newest and first Medicare-approved hospital accreditation program that integrates the ISO 9001 quality management system with the Medicare hospital standards.With 2,566 full-time employees of which 521 are employed by the Hospital Medical Group practice. Our campus is 114 acres of which 29 are in conservation easement. The buildings on campus include the Payson a Cancer Care, a Rehabilitation Hospital, and 2 Medical Office Buildings, a Hospital Family Health Center, Orthopaedics Professional Association, Hospice House and The Learning Center.
City is located in central NH. The city has a beautiful historical downtown. There are many local parks and recreation areas to experience the beautiful New England weather in every season.
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