Deployment Specialist

Company Name:
Tyler Technologies
Position Objective
Installs and configures hardware, Tyler software, and 3rd party software remotely and on-site prior to go-live phase of software implementation process. Installs and configures interfaces between Tyler Software and other applications. Troubleshoots issues that arise during these deployment processes.
Hardware and software installs
IInstalls and configures Tyler software, 3rd party software, various interfaces, servers, desktops and laptops.
Software Upgrades
Upgrades Tyler software remotely and/or on-site. Also upgrades interfaces and 3rd party software in relation to Tyler software environment.
Consults with other departments during various phases of sales and implementation processes to ensure that the correct hardware and 3rd party software are ordered and delivered during the correct phase.
BS/BA in related IT field or equivalent deployment/software installation experience
A strong business orientation
Good understanding of Windows-based networking, remote connectivity, TCP/IP and basic firewall routing principles
Good working knowledge of Microsoft Windows Server and Workstation operating systems
Strong interpersonal and communication skills
Posted Date
May 8, 2014
Location: Merrimack, New Hampshire
Posted Date: May 8, 2014
Note: There are two deployment specialist positions available:
To Apply: Requisition Number: 73060017

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